ORIGEN Design : Arch-Control Series Slipper (SAGE-GREY) WOMEN

ZABWAY "Arch-Control Series""ORIGEN"design, further incorporates the concept of "controlling arches" based on the blueprint of adjustable slippers, developed in collaboration with a team of physical therapists. Through analyzing common foot shapes in a scientific manner, a "Universal Fit Insole," designed based on common foot types using scientific analysis. This insole is incorporated into the design to meet the needs of most people, providing excellent stability, support, and propulsion, ensuring each step is stable and comfortable. So the Zabway product uses the detailed numbers and super fine degree settings to open up crucial toolings and manufacturing process to finally compete this exceptined pioneet product in the slipper world.

The ORIGEN's upper is crafted with carefully selected materials from Japan, showcasing the true essence of the materials by simplifying the design. The use of different materials on the sides creates a layered appearance and enhances breathability during wear. Additionally, the highlight of the shoe lies in its outsole, featuring the "THREE ROCKER rubber outsole" with a gradually transitioning circular curve that provides stable traction during walking. The α and β segments in the forefoot area further enhance slip resistance. The bottom of the outsole is outlined with several curves, creating a wide and varied profile that not only adds visual depth and dynamism but also complements other accessories when worn. Over prolonged use, it exhibits a casual and natural beauty.

Japan Synthetic Leather, EVA, Sandwich Mesh Fabric, Rubber

This shoe is designed with an arch support feature; an adjustment period of 3-14 days may be required.
ZABWAY十月 24SS|Arch-Control| Slipper

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ZABWAY 2024 SS Arch-Control Series

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