"ZABWAY KOMOLI Flip" is a footwear designed specifically for children aged three to six. It features a vibrant and playful appearance while also being highly practical. The shoe's name is derived from the Japanese word "komori" (子守), meaning caretaker, reflecting the brand's hope that its safe and functional design will help children grow up smoothly and safely.

In terms of design, the brand cleverly incorporates a strap into the shoe's upper. By simply flipping the strap 180°, it can be used as a heel strap for sandals. Notably, the "flip strap" includes a contrasting color handle, making it easier for children to learn how to put on their shoes and switch between slippers and sandals as needed.

【Functional Features】
˙Toe protection design
˙Honeycomb structure all-rubber outsole
˙Curved sole with a lower front and higher back
˙Water-repellent upper
˙Skin-friendly cooling lining
˙Flip-back heel strap

˙Water-repellent fabric, EVA, cooling fabric, non-slip rubber
ZABWAY十月 24SS |CHILHOOD|for children aged 3-6

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KOMOLI Flip (萊姆綠) 童鞋 視覺01

KOMOLI Flip (萊姆綠) 童鞋 視覺02

KOMOLI Flip (萊姆綠) 童鞋 視覺03

KOMOLI Flip (萊姆綠) 童鞋 視覺04

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