"ZABWAY KOMOLI AIR" is footwear designed for children aged three to six, combining vibrant, child-friendly aesthetics with practical functionality. The name "KOMOLI" derives from the Japanese word "komori" (子守), symbolizing safety and practicality to accompany children smoothly and safely through their growth journey.

The shoe features a fully adjustable structure with up to four Velcro pieces on the upper, allowing for quick and secure adjustments while minimizing the hassle of repeated putting on and taking off. KOMOLI children's shoes maintain toe protection and a rubber outsole design, ensuring both comfort for children during play and peace of mind for parents.

Additionally, the shoe includes a detachable rear pull strap, allowing for interchangeable use between sandals and slippers, providing versatile styling options.

【Functional Features】
˙Toe protection design
˙Honeycomb structure rubber outsole
˙Low front, high back midsole curve
˙Fully adjustable upper with Velcro design
˙Skin-friendly cooling lining
˙Detachable rear pull strap

˙Synthetic leather, EVA, cooling fabric, non-slip rubber
ZABWAY十月 24FW|10/10|for children aged 3-6

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