MASON - Arch-Support Slipper (Crystal Blue) KIDS

About MASON - Arch-Support Slipper

Suitable for children aged six to twelve, the "ZABWAY MASON" focuses on functional footwear featuring vibrant, eye-catching colors. Not only does it highlight the innocence and romance of children, but it also prioritizes safety and functionality.

"First Arch Support Slippers for School-Aged Children"

For children entering the golden period of arch development, it's crucial to provide appropriate stimulation to their feet while monitoring their arch development. The design of the arch support slippers for school-aged children emphasizes a gentle arch curve, providing adequate support without excessive pressure. This approach helps avoid discomfort and reduces the adjustment period when first using the shoes.

In addition to arch support, MASON features an extended dual-track Velcro closure system, allowing for maximum adjustability to accommodate various foot shapes. For stability and safety, the heel cup and rubber outsole design minimize the chances of foot deviation during walking, ensuring reliable traction that parents can trust.

【Functional Features】
˙Gentle arch curve design
˙Honeycomb structure rubber outsole
˙Low front, high back midsole curve
˙Adjustable upper (Velcro design)
˙Skin-friendly cool lining
˙Heel cup design

˙Synthetic leather, breathable water-resistant mesh, EVA, cooling fabric, slip-resistant rubber

˙This footwear is designed with arch support, and may have an adaptation period of 3-14 days when initially worn.
ZABWAY十月 24SS|8/16|for School-Aged Children 6-12

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