HIPSTER Vintage Slipper (Campus Blue) MEN

Our classic arch support Slipper are reimagined with an campus style, featuring seamless piping in the same color as the midsole and upper for a sleek and simple look. The embossed effect created by 3D printing adds a touch of sophistication, and paired with white socks, you can effortlessly achieve a vintage style.

Specially designed for users with medium to high arches, these slides provide adequate arch support. We’ve paid special attention to the softness, firmness, and skin-friendly design to reduce the discomfort often associated with arch support Slipper, while maintaining appropriate foot support and comfort. The lightweight EVA foam outsole makes walking a breeze, helping to relieve swollen feet after exercise!

【 Details】
.Non-toxic and eco-friendly.
.Ultra-lightweight and wear-resistant. Suitable for home, office, and also for outdoor and travel use.
.Skin-friendly and comfortable material, conforming to the shape of your foot for a snug and comfortable fit.
.Shock-absorbing, lightweight, and elastic, offering relief from foot pressure.
.Durable EVA outsole.


【Purchase Reminder】
.The high arch design of these shoes is best suited for those with pronounced arches.
.Depending on the individual, there may be an adaptation period of 3-14 days when first wearing the shoes.
ZABWAY十月 24SS|Arch Support|Slipper

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